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Parking Fees are separate from studio fees.  We are not affiliated with any parking lots and these are recommendations for your reference. 


Parking fees are paid directly to the parking lots in the area.  Please feel free to contact and arrange with any parking lot directly.


Generally most rooftop parking lots are 8am-6pm and street/ground level lots tend to be 24hr access.  Please feel free to check with each desired parking lot.

Skyline Penthouse

This studio features 360 windows with mostly South-West facing windows with breathtaking DTLA views, 10.5ft high ceilings, white high end furniture, white sheer curtains, and a lot of natural light

Skyline Penthouse-Parking & Load In.jpg
Skyline Loft

This studio features 270 North-East-West facing windows with DTLA views, 10ft high ceilings, styled white high end furniture, white sheer curtains, and a lot of natural light throughout the day

Skyline Loft-Parking & Load In UPDATED.j
Skyline Grand

This studio features West facing floor-to-ceiling windows, 13ft high ceilings, black & ivory high end furniture, renaissance ornate trims, white sheer see through curtains, and a lot of natural diffused light 

Skyline Grand-Parking & Load In.jpg
Skyline Suite

This studio features West facing windows with stunning DTLA views, 13ft high ceilings, rustic brown furniture with a white high end fainting chaise, white curtains, and a lot direct natural light 

Skyline Suite-Parking & Load In UPDATED.
Skyline Boho-48_edited.jpg

This studio has a custom ivy wall that has been used for proposals, featured in magazine shoots,  bridal magazines, and staged for romantic dinner spots with its additional mirrors and dreamy window props.

Skyline Boho1-Parking & Load In.jpg
Skyline Boho-41_edited.jpg

This studio is the largest boho space.  Small events like yoga classes, baby showers, birthday dinners, have been held in the space as the props were used to complement their aesthetic. 

Skyline Boho2-Parking & Load In.jpg
Skyline Boho-51_edited.jpg

This studio has unique chairs and bohemian props. They have featured dancers in their routines in filmographies of ballet with mesmerizing contrast of lights, with natural and artificial lights. 

Skyline Boho3-Parking & Load In.jpg
Skyline Rooftop

This studio features 360 stunning DTLA views, two sides of unobstructed rooftop space with all building infrastructure located in the center, to allow maximum use of the space for large commercials or large events

Skyline Rooftop-Parking & Load In.jpg
Boho 1
Boho 2
Boho 3
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