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"I’m very interested in booking but I need a little time to make my decision — can I put a hold on a date?"

Yes, we offer a complimentary ‘soft’ hold on a date for up to one week after a scout of the studio. The soft hold is a non guaranteed hold until payment and location contract are signed.


"I’m interested in a date that someone else has on hold—what are my options?"

If you are prepared with the 50% deposit and signed contract, you can formally challenge a first hold. This means that the first hold client has 48 hours to deposit and sign a contract for the date. If the holding client does not formally book within those 48 hours the date is released to you for booking. The challenge starts on the day in which you are notified and hours include Saturdays and Sundays.


"What is required to formally book a date?"

We require a 50% Rental Payment and a signed copy of the Location Contract to formally book your date.  Acceptable forms of payment include check, cashier’s check or credit card payment (subject to an additional 4% transaction fee).


"When are the rest of my payments due?"

The remaining 50% balance of the Rental Payment and the Refundable Damage Deposit is due 2 weeks before the Production/Event Date.


"What is the Damage Deposit used for?"

The refundable damage deposit is provided in case of any damages or overtime that occur due to any activities related to your rental period. Please refer to your Location Contract for further information regarding damage charges.


“How much is the Refundable Damage Deposit?”

The refundable damage deposit starts at $1,000 or about 50% of the Rental Fee, whichever is higher. Last minute bookings, higher wear and tear, and higher liability bookings may require higher Refundable Security Damage Deposit.


“When is the Refundable Damage Deposit returned?”

If there is no damage or overtime after the last day of production/event, the Refundable Damage Deposit is processed within a week.  If otherwise, processing will take between 1 to 3 weeks.


"How do your minimums work?"

We require a minimum of 3 hours for productions and 5 hours for events with set-up and tear down time included. Decorations/preparations that require more than 8 hours on the prior day are honored at half hourly rate. 


“How much are overtime hours added during the day of Production/Event?

Overtime hours are studio hours used beyond the original booked hours. These additional hours are billed at 1.5x rate.  We advise productions/events to book as accurately as they can to ensure the studio is available.  Some productions/events are booked back to back and overtime may not be available.


"Where can my guests park?"

Depending on the studio booked, our staff will recommend private parking lots due to parking restrictions and limited availability of street parking.


"When do I need to report my final guest count?"

The final guest count is required 2 weeks prior to your event date. Should your actual guest count exceed your final guest count additional staffing and/or rental charges will be billed on the final invoice.


“Is the furniture included?”

Yes, all pictured furniture, props, and equipment are included. We require productions/events to keep skins and throws on the furniture to avoid potential damage. The furniture is set up just as pictured, with the furniture laid out around the studios.  We allow you to move everything for any set up you would like, but require you to put it back.


“Can furniture pieces be moved from one studio to another?

No, we do not allow it as other production/event schedule for the other studio counts on the furniture to be available.


“Is the equipment included?”

Yes, all studios have equipment on site included at no additional charge.  Studios come with chairs, tables, clothing rack, steamer, fans, mirrors, ladder, dolly, etc.  Please inquire regarding the specific items per studio. Additional fees apply for optional items such as stage or projector.


"Can I bring my own catering?"

Yes, we allow clients to bring the catering company of their choice. The catering company must provide a current copy of their Catering License, current copy of their General Liability Insurance (including Worker’s Compensation) and the studio must be listed as additional insured on their provided certificate. We require a minimum of $1 million in coverage.


“Can I cook in the studio?”

No cooking is allowed inside the studios. The kitchenette in the studios may be utilized for warming and serving food only.  Chafing fuel to keep the food warm is acceptable.


"Can I bring in my own alcohol?"

Yes, we allow you to bring your own beer, wine, and champagne. Mixed drinks will require licensed and insured bartenders. Alcohol presence will also require Security Personnel.  


"Can I bring in my own rentals?"

Yes, we allow you to bring your own rentals.  All large, heavy items must load in and load out via the Freight Elevator. Depending on the studio, there may be Freight Elevator Operator charges.  


"Can I use candles?"

Yes, only votive candles on the tables inside water vases can be used as part of the décor for your event. All other candles placed on floor or other locations must be flameless candles. Please inquire for all restrictions and details.


“Can I use glitter, confetti, feathers, rice, and party poppers?”

No, we prohibit these items because cleaning them is very difficult and time consuming.  Depending on the nature of the production/event, these may be allowed but will require additional charges for cleaning. Please inquire about the specifics and additional charges.

If you have any other questions, please email us 

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