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If you are ready to book, please provide all complete details, to minimize back and forth with staff.  All information requested is required for the contract, rental agreement, invoice, and remaining documentation in order to process your booking, calculate the total, and lock you in for the date.

Please keep in mind that we book fairly quickly, and we are first come, first served.  It means that if your booking process is delayed because the team is missing information, someone else may book your date.

Requested Studio(s)

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Productions and Events require a good faith Refundable Damage Deposit as studios include all the pictured furniture and equipment out of courtesy. Refundable Damage Deposits start at $500.  Actual total may be different and will be assessed per Production or Event once estimates are provided.  


Generally Refundable Damage Deposits are due 30 days before the production/event date.  They are returned within 72 hours if there are not additional charges, overtime, or damages, and 2-3 weeks if there are additional charges.  Please inquire for any questions. 

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