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Visual InstructionS FOR non business HOURS entry

During non-business hours, some buildings will require FOB/key access to the main gate of the buildings. FOB/key is located inside a lockbox located around the studio's entry.  Find below the instructions for the Masterlocks.


This studio features 360 windows with mostly South-West facing windows with breathtaking DTLA views, 10.5ft high ceilings, white high end furniture, white sheer curtains, and a lot of natural light

Skyline Penthouse-Access Floor Plan.jpg

This studio features West facing floor-to-ceiling windows, 13ft high ceilings, black & ivory high end furniture, renaissance ornate trims, white sheer see through curtains, and a lot of natural diffused light 

Skyline Grand-Parking & Load In.jpg
Skyline Boho-45_edited.jpg

This studio has been partitioned into 3 sections, Skyline Boho 1, Skyline boho 2, & Skyline Boho 3. T his space is ideal for events that need separate meeting space or partitioned areas, 

Skyline Boho-Floor Plan w directions.jpg
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